Your Guidelines to What Water to Drink Issues to Be Healthy and Make Money

{ Posted by Pauline Linck on June 13, 2017 }

This is the final part devoted to Kangen water and safest water to drink as a business model.


All units are manufactured in Japan and sent to warehouses throughout USA and Canada. It is expected for the Company to open in 12 more Copuntries in 2008.

For your information, it took Nike 5 years to reach 50 million. Now I know I am no Tiger Woods nor do I own the ABC Television or any other company, nor do I own Magazines; Nike do not pay me for advertising for them. However that would be nice. What I am saying, Nike has their system of getting their message across, andIKangen have their way. Both methods are very successful. I do however, like the system where the dollars are pread around a bit more. I like it more when they take the $10,000,000.00 that Tiger was paid and spread it around to more people.

I believe this makes a lot more sense, and on top of that, doing it Kangen way, makes a lot more people very happy.

We are now however, falling rapidly behind Nike?s production; it is very hard to keep up with their performance. Nike is in every country in the world, they can't miss. They really are in momentum.


Truly if you want to get out of the rat race, you most certainly should work from home. Whether it is with Kangen or not, you should look forward toward that time when you can break away from the J.O.B. as your only source of income.

Certainly the future will be brighter with time to relax, and also with a hefty extra income to fall back on does kind of help. It is very nice to set your mind at rest, knowing that you have a legacy to leave. am giving about thirty businesscards per day so far, however if you set a goal for yourself of passing out even two or three per day, you will find you will be successful.

Once you sign up, you have taken the first step to success.

When you think of the taxes we pay, relief is always welcome, believe me you can save a lot of money. By having your own Home Business, you have the same situation as those Corporations. You are able to write off products, part of your mortgage/rent, your telephone, your computer, part of your car, gas, maintenance and many other items.

Another is, going on holiday, you get to completely write it off??? I feel that by Tax Benefits as one of the main themes will get people interested enough to read this web page. They will see then what Kangen has to offer. I am sure what you have seen so far has made a favorable impression and have you considering the program.

I would mention if you know someone in Kelowna or even Miami or anywhere in North America, I suggest you send an email to him/her telling them to read this web page. Also invite them to our conference calls. Should they be the first to give out business cards in their own area, you could have massive down-line in that city without doing a thing other than sending out an email.

Believe me this is the fastest growing organization in North America, I need to do a good job in explaining it all, so you are able to see the potential of working from home as an Kangen Distibutor.

Napolean Hill says to be successful you must have a goal, my first goal with Kangen is that we will reach a plateau within six weeks. In my mind, this has already been achieved.

Having the desire to be rich, also a desire for a fantastic future is the only way this will work. Think as if it has already happened. I hate to say anything negative, but should you not work as hard as others, you will still be pretty well off.

I have to say this before I close. I have said the choice is completely yours, however, if all remains as it has been for the last 10 years you are fully aware what the future holds. On the other hand, with not too much effort, you are able to change your situation completely and understand how to improve immune system.