Do You Know Anyone With Chronic Fatigue? Beware! It May Be A Misdiagnosed Disease; Lyme Disease, Because Of The Common Symptoms Such As Profound Fatigue!

{ Posted by Pauline Linck on September 30, 2017 }

Lyme disease is called the "Great Imitator" or the "Great Impostor" due to the multiple symptoms that Lyme disease causes that mimics other serious illnesses.

This fact has been well-documented in the past five years as the number of people with Lyme disease continues to grow. These misdiagnosed diseases cause years of wrong treatment, wasted medical expenses, grueling emotional torment and in some cases Patriot Power Greens, irreparable damage to the victims, read this Patriot Power Greens reviews.

Multiple Sclerosis, better known as MS, is a disease that occurs when your own body's immune system begins to destroy the central nervous system. Symptoms include, fatigue, dizziness, sensitivity to heat and cold, tingling in extremities and neuropathic pain. These very same symptoms amongst others actually point to Lyme disease. Furthermore, due to the mystery surrounding the cause of MS, Lyme disease, which can enter the central nervous system within days of infection, could very well be the cause.

Fibromyalgia, is another mystery disease that means "Body Pain". It has confounded doctors for years with the aches and pains which seem to move from place to place in the body, create headaches, cause fatigue, chills and a wide variety of other symptoms which are exactly the same as - you guessed it, Lyme disease.

Chronic Fatigue is best known for the profound fatigue that goes along with it but the symptoms can also cause body aches, joint aches, chills, fevers and neuropathic pain. One study was conducted at a clinic for chronic fatigue in which every patient was tested for Lyme disease and 85% tested positive!

There is ongoing research that relates Lyme disease to Alzheimer's, Autism, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, along with a vast array of mental illness.

The best thing to do if you suspect you might have Lyme disease is to find a Lyme-Literate doctor by contacting the Lyme Disease Association, and getting a full evaluation.

The disease is supposed to be diagnosed clinically (like depression) because there is no known test that is 100% reliable. Testing is used to support a diagnosis, not confirm necessarily.

The most effective treatment for Lyme disease is antibiotics. The faster treatment is started, the faster the disease can be destroyed.