Causes And Cures Of Dandruff

{ Posted by Pauline Linck on October 05, 2017 }

How irritating are those white flecks! Right? I know everybody agrees with me. Whether you are combing your hairs or just shaking them or simply putting hands inside your hairs, you feel them on every move. But do not worry you are not the only one suffering from it, there are thousands. These white flecks are called dandruff.

Dandruff is the cark of hairs scalp. It causes scalp itching. It occurs when your scalp is either too oily or juvetress too dry, look The reasons of oiliness or dryness of scalp are many Some of the common causes are:

1) When the gland secreting oil becomes overactive, it releases much oil on the surface of scalp, which causes dandruff.

2) When enough blood does not reaches the scalp, it becomes dry, thus leads to dandruff.

3) Dandruff is also a result of insufficiency of nutrients in the body such as high starch and fat contents.

4) Excessive tension or stress soaks all oil from the scalp and leaves it dry, which further causes dandruff.

5) When proper care of hairs and scalp is overlooked, consequence is dandruff.

6) Unconventional and excessive use of hair products like harsh shampoos ensues dandruff.

But like many causes, there are many cures also of dandruff. To overcome this problem there are some remedies that you need to follow.

1) There are certain scalp treatments like using tar products, salicylic acid, topical medications, ultraviolet light etc, which preserve hairs from dandruff as well as maintains their health and beauty.

2) Healthy food plays a great role in removing dandruff. Dandruff is much prone to poor nutrition. Food to be consumed for controlling dandruff are eggs and cabbage as they contain vitamin b6, which is very effective in dandruff control. Other eatables that are good for dandruff check are fruits and vegetables as they furnishes the intake of vitamins and minerals.

3) Regular cleaning if hairs is very important as it greatly controls dandruff happening.

4) Blood circulation to the scalp is very essential that is done by massaging. It not only soothes the scalp nerves but also stirs up the scalp muscles and glands. Massage of jojoba or coconut oil is best.

5) A proper balance of hormones in the body is significant for regularizing dandruff. A healthy diet is very good for balancing hormones.

6) Anti dandruff treatments like applying the solution of neem leaves extract with lemon juice on the scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse off. Or after shampooing hairs, apply solution of vinegar and lemon juice of equal quantities on the scalp. Keep for 5-10 minutes and rinse off.

Dandruff is not a disease, it's a problem, but it can become a major problem that will lead to hair loss or other hair diseases if not cured on time. Thus do not take any chance with it.